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  • Ultra-micro bubble generator
Ultra-micro bubble generator

Ultra-micro bubble generator

  • Small footprint
  • The operation is simple
  • Dissolved oxygen gas is highly efficient
  • The bubbles are extremely fine
  • Product description: The ultra-micro bubble generator USES special methods to fully mix pure oxygen or ozone with water to form high dissolved oxygen water or high concentration ozone water. Used for oxygenation or steril
Current status of oxygenation equipment in the water treatment industry
Oxygenation to water is one of the most important aspects of aquaculture and wastewater treatment. However, ordinary methods such as gas stone and nano-aeration tube can only increase 20% of the dissolved oxygen in the water, and most of the bubbles eventually escape into the water body, resulting in waste of resources, and the oxygen-enhancing effect has not yet been fully exerted. According to the gas equation, the diameter of the bubble becomes smaller. Under the condition of constant temperature, the dissolved osmotic pressure of oxygen increases, the contact area of oxygen and water also increases greatly, the dissolved oxygen efficiency increases, the proportion of oxygen molecules in water, and bubbles The life expectancy has also increased substantially, the various reaction speeds have also increased, and the oxygen transfer efficiency has been greatly increased, so it is necessary to improve the conventional aeration form.
Here are a few different ways to compare the effects of oxygenation:

Product manual
The ultra-micro bubble generator is a device that mixes water with gas. After a certain adjustment, it can fully mix water with gas (oxygen, air, or ozone), and the diameter of the bubble can reach about 0.1mm. The solubility of the gas in water is greatly improved. This is very advantageous for industries such as aquaculture and sewage treatment that have high dissolved oxygen requirements for water bodies.

The ultra-micro bubble generator is used together with the ozone generator to greatly improve the dissolution efficiency of ozone in water:

The resulting tiny bubbles of air bubble in the water, forming the effect of "milk water" :

The intake of the ultra-micro bubble generator can be air, but it is recommended to be pure oxygen or ozone. The mixed high dissolved oxygen water or high ozone water should be diluted in time and effectively. So as not to waste.


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